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6-15 Aprilie 2012, Auch (Toulouse) Franta inapoi la listare proiecte
Roaming Prezentarea actiunii

Summary of the project:

This youth exchange Rooming will take place in AUCH, near Toulouse South West of France, during

April 2012 (10 days). The themes of this project are exploring cultural diversity through youth culture

focus on video, photos, painting and sound. This Youth Exchange is to encourage, to develop and to

promote the youth culture as well as any form of its artistically and social expression on cultural

diversity. The topics of our exchange will be the “Roaming, mobility, movement”… This meeting will be

connected with the festival “Welcome in Tziganie” who our group will be part of.


Young people from four countries will be involved in a process of intercultural learning using art and

his diversity as a medium of exchange. (with different workshops, see the draft planning)


At the end of the meeting, we plan to make an exposition with a little concert in IMAJ); and on the

creation of a USB KEY as a final result of the project in order to prove that the young people can

create together through art and diversity.



  • To realize identity, culture, diversity and cultural diversity,

  • To offer the opportunity to meet and develop concrete activities on cultural diversity and roaming,

  • To create by the young people an event of photo, video, sound and painting in order to present it to

  • the local communities,

  • To develop skills and attitudes.

  • To promote the Youth in Action Program

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> AUSTRIA : InfoEck- Jugendinfo Tirol

> BULGARIA Student Media World Association

> ROMANIA : Camarila Culturala

> SPAIN : La Vibria Intercultural

> FRANCE : Fla-Kultur + IMAJ



Number of participants: 4 young people and 1 leader from each organisation.

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0722/620 198
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